Why switch to Bibliocloud?

Here's a handy one-pager PDF which explains the reasons why you should switch to Bibliocloud from the publishing management software you use at the moment.

You will likely save 40-50% of your spend on title management systems when you switch to us.

How? Because Bibliocloud's architecture and approach is inherently cheaper. We use modern hosting (PaaS provider Heroku, Amazon S3) and software (Rails, jQuery, Postgres) which just doesn't cost as much as the old-fashioned client-server, proprietary database approach from 8 years ago that our competitors are lumbered with. And we certainly don't artificially inflate our prices to match the competition. We don't charge to implement your good ideas for code development, because we want our product to be the best there is. We're making enough money to thrive because we use efficient tools: you get the benefit of lower costs. Everyone's a winner.

Cost-wise, I know we can deliver massive savings, because we're doing it now for other clients who are switching to us from our competitors. Functionality-wise, Bibliocloud does everything that the other publishing management systems can do and more, no exaggeration. The new version that we're launching at LBF is re-designed directly from our users' feedback, so it's even more tailored to modern publishing.

You'll save a fortune, get a better system in the process, and we'll have the pleasure of helping you take to ever-higher levels of greatness -- and profitability.

I've just offered to save you enough to actually transform this year's P&L, and next's. You should get me to do you a demo at LBF this year, or a more detailed costing: email me at emma@bibliocloud.com. Here's to saving money and loving the software that runs your business!

Here's the link.