Bibliocloud's product video script

You'll have seen the product video I recorded over Christmas. Watch it here if you've missed it.

I thought I'd post its script here, in case you don't want to hear my dulcet tones! I normally just turn on the microphone and start jabbering on, but I soon found after about fifteen tries that things are a lot less awful if you actually figure out what you want to say in advance.

Because I'm a pro, I recorded the audio from under a duvet, to block out background noise. The lengths I go to, to bring you quality! It was not my most got-it-all moment. Here goes, anyway:

"Now, more than ever, successful publishing is defined by your efficiency: doing more with less. But it's catch 22: how do you become efficient when you don't have the time or the money to stop firefighting? So your team is stuck using a cobbled-together system of post-it notes and spreadsheets, and maybe a budget ONIX system or just the core module of a bigger publishing management system, to manage the huge complexity of running a publishing programme. And whilst you might have considered a complete publishing solution to solve the problems of too much data and too little organisation, chances are you couldn't afford it. I certainly couldn't!

I've run the indie publisher Snowbooks for over a decade, and if you're like me, you probably want an *integrated* system. Something that manages royalties and contracts, rights and permissions, production and schedules. A system to store and share metadata. Something that stops you having to fill in all those spreadsheets manually. A system that talks to your website, and your printers, and distributors. I couldn't find one, so I created Bibliocloud: the only affordable solution that tackles all these problems.

Beautiful cloud-based publishing software built by publishers, for publishers of all shapes and sizes, that doesn't cost a fortune. It won the Futurebook Best Technology Award because it solves an actual problem: the need to simply, elegantly, manage the whole publishing process, without breaking the bank.

Bibliocloud is especially designed to help book publishers shift from ‘survival’ to ‘growth’ mode using a three-step plan:

1) Get organised.

Did you think you'd never be able to find a system that gets your all your title metadata, contracts, rights, production, scheduling -- in fact pretty much everything -- under control? You're in luck. Bibliocloud is the best solution at any price, with easy to use pages, clear navigation and lots of tools to help things run smoothly.

2) Automate.

Generate 100 AIs at once. Generate your catalogue automatically! Run ten years worth of royalties in under ten seconds. See all your schedules at a glance. Send ONIX to everyone. Feed your website. The savvy publisher lets computers take care of the drudge. And you can get some actual work done!

3) Grow.

Now you've got time for the creative and analytical tasks that actually make a difference to your success. And with Bibliocloud's advanced publishing features on your side, your metadata is richer, your workflow is under control and you're on the path to selling more books.

Bibliocloud is packed with features to knock your socks off. Join publishers such as Zed Books, Oberon Books, Unbound and more to see for yourself. Contact me, Emma Barnes, to talk about how we can help you. My email is"

Cue rapturous applause.