Festive adventures

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and your new year resolutions include sorting out your metadata! The festive period is always a great time to finish off big projects and get some actual work done. This is what we got up to over the holidays, in between spoonfuls of figgy pudding.

1) We finalised and released Version 1 of The Bibliocloud Book. Read online, in ePub or in PDF here. This has been a project two years in the making and I'm really jolly pleased with its efficacy as both a publishing software user manual and a sort of publishing process manifesto. Obviously it'll continue to be revised as code gets developed, but Version 1 is officially out there now.

2) Gone live with a pretty exciting ecommerce integration. Bibliocloud now speaks seamlessly to Shopify, the leading ecommerce framework. You can see an example of it at work at Snowbooks's shop. That website only costs us $29 a month! And it means we comply with all the VATMOSS nonsense that's just come into force. All the Shopify integration functionality now ships as standard with Bibliocloud. Shopify's website is http://shopify.com.

3) Released a product video. (I recorded it under a duvet, in an attempt to remove background noise... professional to the last.) Watch it here for a sort of overview of Bibliocloud's functionality and our approach. I thought it might be a useful sort of thing to give people a quick intro to, or an update on, Bibliocloud. I also put it on the homepage of this 'ere website.

4) Set up a newsletter which will contain new features, feature requests voting, development news and occasional technical and non-technical musings on ONIX, APIs, publishing management systems, metadata and the like. If you fancy receiving such a thing from time to time, fill in the form in the footer of this page, with your email address.

5) Broken the back of a very exciting new feature in Bibliocloud. It may or may not concern automating printer scales. You'll just have to wait and see! Subscribe to that newsletter if you do want to find out...

6) I'm often at universities doing guest turns on various soapbox topics but now it's official! This year I'll be an Associate Lecturer on the Oxford Brookes Publishing undergraduate course. I plan to dock one mark for every extraneous dot used incorrectly in an ellipsis. You have been warned.

And today, I had a piece published in The Bookseller about why publishers should all learn to code. [link]. We're running a course on behalf of Oxford Brookes on January 20th called Try Programming. You should definitely come along! Find out more at the Try Programming website .