Implementation, training, support & other services


We work with each of our clients to implement Bibliocloud in the way that's right for them. We start with a generic implementation plan which includes:

  • Pre-implementation
  • Metadata implementation
  • ONIX implementation
  • Post-metadata functionality go live
  • Phase 2 functionality


If your team prefers to learn in a self-guided way, through reading, videos and practice, you don't need formal training sessions. We have ample training materials, including Bibliocloud user documentation. If you and your team prefer face-to-face training, we will arrange to visit your offices to provide however much training is required. After that, we find that short Skype sessions are great for reminders and for additional training in specific areas.


The Bibliocloud user license fee includes unlimited support on our dedicated online ticketed helpdesk. We do not offer phone support as standard, preferring online tickets so that we can keep a history of all our support calls and resolutions, and so that we can allocate out support tickets to the right member of staff easily. We use Zendesk to manage our support tickets, and every Bibliocloud user gets a free Zendesk account for their Bibliocloud tickets.

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