04 April

Bibliocloud's Actual Launch

On January 1st this year, I thought "Right, well I'd better lift my head from this here laptop for the first time in years and see if anyone wants to have a conversation with me." See, Bibliocloud's been in development since April 2011 and in that time my entire focus has been on the code and on our few early clients with whom the system has grown up. But now, we're actually launching out of beta mode (on the first day of LBF, if you're going), and so in preparation for this I thought I'd pu...

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25 October

Publishing workflow

This article first appeared in the Publishers Weekly / Bookbrunch daily at the London Book Fair 2014.

Bibliocloud.com is the first native cloud-based publishing management system and won the most recent FutureBook Innovation Award. Emma Barnes, co-founder of award-winning indie publisher Snowbooks and publishing software house General Products Ltd, provides an insight into her new venture.


The biggest challenge facing publishing is not what you think.

It's not DRM...

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23 September

Skills, and the leaching thereof.

I'm a very lucky to be involved in the Oxford Publishing Group. Outside of London, Oxford is about the biggest centre of publishing in the UK and that's being recognised and supported -- for instance with the award by Creative Skillset to our Oxford Publishing Group of £150,000 over two years to develop training courses for local publishers. We met up over dinner the other day to talk about some of the courses which would be useful to provide to Oxford publishers.

One of the things I lik...

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