26 November

We are hiring

We're excited to announce that we're hiring!

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25 October

Monthly updates

We send out a monthly email to our clients, updating them on the new things, improvements and priorities that we've worked on that month. No reason why we shouldn't put this on the blog, we thought. So here's the backlist, as it were: the last five months of in-depth updates from us, June to October 2015.

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06 February

Why switch to Bibliocloud?

Here's a handy one-pager PDF which explains the reasons why you should switch to Bibliocloud from the publishing management software you use at the moment.

You will likely save 40-50% of your spend on title management systems when you switch to us.

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08 January

Festive adventures

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and your new year resolutions include sorting out your metadata! The festive period is always a great time to finish off big projects and get some actual work done. This is what we got up to over the holidays, in between spoonfuls of figgy pudding.

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26 April

Did I mention we won?

Good lord. We've been so busy with our new clients, developing new features and looking after our existing clients that I've not paused for breath to say that we won the Futurebook Innovation award. It was a great feeling to have Bibliocloud recognised as the best technological innovation of the year. Gareth Cuddy, the CEO of ePubDirect who sponsored the awards said it is 'A system built for publishers of all sizes with a simple, affordable business model. Bibliocloud's design, usability and ...

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10 October

Shortlisted for FutureBook ... twice!

Well, this is pleasing. First blog post on a shiny new website, and rather than the usual "hello, this is my new blog, on which I'll blog", I've actually got something to say. This news just in: Bibliocloud features twice on the FutureBook 2013 Awards shortlist. Corking.

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