15 January

Bibliocloud Shopify Integration: have a state of the art, revenue-generating, modern, beautifully-designed website for a tiny amount of money.

We're delighted to announce that Bibliocloud integrates seamlessly with Shopify, the leading ecommerce provider with more than 120,000 shops implemented worldwide. We think that Shopify is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fairly dismal market. Publishers often seem to have given up on making money from their websites, resigning themselves to having one because you "have to have a website", and treating it as a marketing spend, not a revenue generator.

What are the differences between...

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10 January

In which I compare a strategy document to an online dating profile. Free ebook, though!

If you're beady, you'll have seen on the home page a rather intriguing offer. It says:


This ebook started out as our own in-house strategic document. It describes the publishers that we know Bibliocloud can help the most. They're the publishers we most want to work with. Now we've decided to make this document freely available to our current and future customers. In the spirit of openness, we think it's useful for you to have an insight into what we're thinking, a...

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10 January

A non-technical, beginners' guide to ONIX for Books

The Bibliocloud Book is now published. It's a user manual for Bibliocloud, but it's also more than that: our distilled experience of over a decade of in-the-trenches publishing.

One of its sections explains ONIX for Books. I thought I'd share it here.

Download and read this and the rest of The Bibliocloud Book at http://bibliodocs.com/manual for free, in PDF, ePub and HTML. PDF's my favourite -- I managed to get the LaTeX styling to work and it looks lovely! (The book's various formats...

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17 October

Ten top tips to get Amazon to update their data

Getting Amazon to update its catalogue using ONIX can sometimes be tricky. Here are some pearls of wisdom gathered from ten years of doing it.

1) Name the file correctly. Amazon need the filename of your ONIX feed to be Publishername_uk_books_onix_YYYYMMDD.xml

2) Make sure the notification code tag is 04 if it's an update

3) Make sure the ISBN is known, by including this:
< ProductIdentifier>
< ProductIDType>15< /ProductIDType>
< IDValue>9781909679375< /ID...

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