05 October


So we're off to Frankfurt next week. We've been so busy recently that I'm putting it down under "lovely relaxing holiday". That may not come to pass.

If you're heading over there yourself and fancy a catch up, it'd be lovely to see you. Drop me a line (emma@bibliocloud.com) if you want to meet up.

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25 July

Try Programming

Publishers! Ever wanted a go at programming? Now's your chance!

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21 June

Training days

Our first communal training day in Thame went very nicely. So nicely, in fact, that we're going to repeat it monthly, with each training day focussing on a particular area of interest. One of the nice side-effects of our first day -- all about metadata, catalogues and exports -- was that Bibliocloud users got to talk to each other, and share ideas. I hope that our next days are as full of warmth and good ideas as the first.

So I'm pleased to say the next two days are confirmed: Royalties ...

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08 April

London Book Fair: big week!

Next week is the London Book Fair at Olympia: here's what we'll be up to and where you can see us.

Monday is the Digital Minds conference, and I'll be speaking twice:

1) Branching Out: New Publishing Models
'The fast developing realm of businesses experimenting with new publishing models will also be explored in ‘Branching Out’, an event curated by independent consultant Alison Jones. On this panel Anna Lewis of Valobox, Bibliocloud’s Emma Barnes, Robin Cutler from Ingram S...

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06 October

Frankfurt 2014

I think the book trade has done very well to arrange itself so we have two fairs, nicely spaced apart, in the year. We've just about finished all the activity that sprung out of the London Book Fair in the spring, and now we're looking forward to Frankfurt. We'll be there from Wednesday to Saturday, at large, as it were. The diary is pretty packed but if you fancy a quick hello, do get in touch. Hope to see you in the aisles!

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04 October

Optimising Workflow

I do quite a bit of public speaking, enjoy it enormously, and have a rather flamboyant on-stage personality, which is odd because I'm a bona fide introvert, much of the time.

I do quite enjoy giving my talks extremely dull-sounding titles, on the basis that if I manage to entertain anyone, at all, it'll be a nice surprise. And so it was with the fantastically dull-sounding "Optimising Workflow" talk that I gave fairly recently at Oxford Brookes. One lovely soul decided to do (or get cours...

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21 September

A jaunt to Edinburgh

Just before the referendum on independence, I took a train to Edinburgh to talk at Publishing Scotland's latest event, a "Digital Skills" workshop.

It was still the school holidays, so I travelled with my 5-year-old and we squeezed in a trip round the castle, and a trip to the famous model shop where we loaded up on Lego. Seven hours on a train for this particular 5-year-old is no hardship -- he's mighty fond of them, and spent the journey with palms and nose climped to the window. The la...

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