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Bibliocloud is a
publishing management system, in the cloud.

Save yourself time, money and energy. Have the tools to take a pride in your work. Enjoy the simplicity that comes from having "one version of the truth". All so you can focus on creativity, and on selling more books.

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Bibliocloud offers an award-winning yet affordable publishing management system, a commitment to evolve as publishing demands evolve and a genuine sense of partnership. The implementation of Bibliocloud has enabled our business to become more efficient; the accompanying corporate website design has given us an online presence befitting a leading publisher in its field.

Anthony Cond Managing Director, Liverpool University Press, IPG Frankfurt Book Fair Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2015 and The Bookseller Independent Academic, Educational and Professional Publisher of the Year 2015
Practical, agile, web-based software

More modern

Built using the same framework as Twitter and Facebook to accommodate the proliferation of products and sales channels, Bibliocloud solves the problem of data interchange with third party partners and internal systems -- in style.

Futurebook Best Tech Innovation Award winner

More excellent

Obsessive attention to your needs, continuous improvement based on your feedback and a crack development team have made Bibliocloud an unrivalled title management system. Proud vendor to Liverpool University Press, Unbound, Oberon, Zed Books, Inpress and more.

Built from real-world experience

More complete

All your data, all your workflow in one place. Bibliocloud isn’t a mere data store: it is usable, accessible, beautiful and intuitive. It takes away the drudge, protects you from error and leaves you more time to publish.

Bibliocloud is a fantastic service, exactly the kind of tool we need. It's thought through exactly what publishers want, when and why; it does everything you need and more; it's constantly evolving, easy to use and has an enormous amount of genuinely helpful functionality. I'm a big fan.

Michael Bhaskar Co-founder & Publishing Director, Canelo

All the tools you need

You've got a lot of data -- we've got the tools to get it under control


Your data available in whatever format your third party partners & internal systems need.

Bulk uploaders

ISBNs, covers, titles, sales -- every sort of data, importable in one go, no time-outs

Batch actions

Generate 1000 AIs at once. Create an entire catalogue in a click. Batch actions increase productivity enormously


Templates avoid you entering the same data multiple times. Saves time, stops errors


Collect titles, projects, contacts and more together, for easy reporting & management

Advanced search, sort and select

Bibliocloud's basic data-wrangling tools work just as you'd hope they would

Publishing workflows supported out of the box

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

Watch our high-quality demo videos. They'll walk you through Bibliocloud's functionality, showing you how you'll save time & money, & keep your publication schedules right on track


Titles & products

Elegant, simple title management, built with ONIX and your AIs in mind. Reviews, subjects, covers -- every aspect of metadata, all in one place.

Address book

One central area for the details of everyone you deal with, and how they relate to their titles, ONIX feeds, deliveries and other data in Bibliocloud.


Ebooks mean that your pricing strategy can be more nuanced, and dynamic. Bibliocloud lets you see the wood for the trees and rescues you from VAT-pricing worries.


Printer scales, print on demand, reprint management, orders & invoices, complex co-editions, supplier management, shipping & multi-currency estimates make Bibliocloud a superb production management system.


Advanced project management tools with multiple users & roles, task dependencies, status management & critical path analysis. View & print as Gantt charts, PDFs and to-do lists, or export to Google calendar.


AIs and catalogues, of course, but also inbound marketing management. Live Amazon data checker. API feeds to & from Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google Books & Google calendars.

Rights & permissions

Bibliocloud manages everything about your rights. Since Bibliocloud contains the company's title & contract data, there's no confusion about which titles are available for licensing, where.


Complete contract, sales & rights management mean all the data exists to run your royalties. Bibliocloud produces beautiful, clear, tested royalty statements to delight your authors and agents.

Author management

Everything in one place means you can provide all relevant information to your authors and agents. Prep for trade fairs, author meetings and produce author-oriented AIs in a single click.


Data quality

With user-defined validation templates, as well as industry-standard validators and user-defined default product profiles, Bibliocloud reduces the load of maintaining product data and makes it clear whether or not your information is complete and accurate.

Data exchange

Import and validate data in whatever format is relevant, including ONIX, JSON, CSV, PDF and image formats. Export to other systems, distributors and for exception reporting, in whatever format you need, from JSON API, PDF, XMP & XML to csv.


Bibliocloud guides you through the product lifecycle, starting at pre-acquisition, through the acquisition process, and onto scheduling, production, marketing and sales.


Clean, fast code

Bibliocloud is mature software (currently at version 4.0), written using Ruby on Rails, on a PostgreSQL database. Our advanced SQL code, combined with Ruby on Rails v.4x and advanced database management at Heroku, enables Bibliocloud's lightning-fast performance.

Open source

We use open source tools, frameworks and languages. It keeps our costs dramatically lower than our competitors, which makes Bibliocloud more affordable, whilst providing us with enough money to invest in our business.


Bibliocloud is hosted on's Heroku platform. It's among the best PaaS providers in the world. And it's never had a security breach.

"Wow... definitely the next generation of biblio systems!" – Alison Jones

Shopify Integration as standard

What are the differences between the sort of website that publishers generally provide and the sort of sales-focused site that Shopify is all about?

The answer, we think, is that publishers have largely given up on D2C sales websites, because "everyone goes to Amazon". The challenges that are defeating them at the moment are:

  • Lowering the barriers to making a sale (the need to provide credit card details and a logon, for example, and handling payments)
  • Discoverability
  • Providing more advanced sales features (recoverable baskets, discount codes, cross-product discount, price drops)
  • Keeping costs absolutely tight.

Unless publishers believe that they can do this, the web site becomes primarily a marketing tool that is paid for by marketing, and then it focuses on whatever marketers do -- and, more often than not, that means spending money without needing to account for results.

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